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My name is Celine Wang.I live with my Parents, and my Grandmother. I also have 10 silkworms and one hamster. This picture is not my hamster, but it's very simalar to it.My hamster's name is Bubble Gum Hamsty Whiskers,its a robo hamster. It bites alot and difficult to handel.

Oh! Do you want to see another hamster image? If you want to, this image is for you.This is my second faourite hamster image.

This one is sooooooooooo cute. Maybe this is my favourite one.Look at all the hamsters squished up! Soooo cute.🤣

Look at this gif. Isn't it pretty and colourful🌈


Do everyone likes to play among us? Its sooooo fun you can download it on Google play if you have it on your dads or moms phone or iPad.Its simple. All you have to do is go to the text box or search button or wherever you can search on. Then, you search Among us. Then install it and enjoy!

Celine Wang
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