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Training programs

NDA is a training playground

NDA's courses are designed in 8 levels to make sure your child is well-rounded with all aspects in performance arts. Especially in public speaking, body language and acting.

Learn all the fundamentals in drama and dive into a world of imaginations and creativities. Improve kids' English speaking and social skills through group activities, games and public performances!

Young Kids Drama

Only for ages 4 to 7


This level serves as a foundation in acting. Training the most defining performance elements in speech, body language and acting. It is perfect for students who had little to no experience in dramatic performance. 


This level tackles theoretical acting techniques and use them to deepen actors' understanding in emotions and relationships. It also encourages students to actively take risks in their acting choices.


This is a level that prepares our experienced acting students to act in professional theatres and Film/TV by training them in accents, script analysis and audition techniques.
It is a level for pre-professional actors.