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Attendance policies

  • All unattended lessons without a written note at least 2 days in advance will be marked as absent and will not be eligible to convert to any make-up credits nor refund.

  • Notified absence (with a written note given at least 2 days in advance) will be eligible for a make-up credit equivalent to the value of the same class.

  • In any medical situation, if a medical note is provided, make-up credit will be given even passed the 2-day notice period.  

  • Parents are responsible to book the make-up lesson on the student's behalf within the same term. 

  • All the make-up credit(s) must be used within the same term. In case of any remaining make-up credit(s) unused, they will be reset to zero for the new term.

​Make up class policies

  • Parents are responsible to schedule a make up class of the same value with Nelvin Drama Academy within the same term if there are outstanding make up credit(s). 

  • All the make-up credit(s) must be used within the same term. In case of any remaining make-up credit(s) unused after the term is finished, they will be erased and reset to zero for the upcoming term.

  • All of our classes have extra spots reserved for make up student(s). By submitting this form, you agree that classes may exceed the expected class size to accomodate make up students which will change the teacher to student ratio of that specific class(es). 


Class cancellation due to natural causes (snowday)


  • In the event that a class is cancelled due to natural causes such as a heavy snowday, storms, flooding, Nelvin Drama Academy will schedule a make up class at the end of the term. If the end of term is not available for a make up class to be scheduled, the affected students will be granted a make up credit in their account. However, no refunds will be issued in any circumstances.

Refund policies

  • All lessons are non-refundable once enrolled (unless there is a unique approved agreement with NDA) 

    • Therefore, if the student decides to quit at anytime during the term, the remaining classes will NOT be converted to make-up credit(s) NOR refunded.


  • Although all vacations and holidays have been taken into consideration while planning the schedule, as a private after-school program studio, NDA is not obligated to follow the Statutory Holiday (days off). However, as NDA's mandate is to "cultivate young children who live in the marginalized community", we respect all cultures and their traditions. If there is a specific holiday you need off, please inform NDA's staffs least 2 days in advance.

Teacher's absence


  • In the case that the teacher is absent for the class, a substitute teacher will be present to instruct the lesson. This lesson will be billed the same as usual at the original cost of a single lesson. If a class is cancelled, there will be a make up class at the end of the term.

Studio Rules

  • Students MUST take off their outdoor shoes and place them neatly on the shoe rack prior to steping into the studio. As an alternative, students can bring their own indoor shoe (never worn outside) or socks when attending classes.

  • If injured, students must tell the instructor right away (no matter the severity of the injury).

  • Students must not come in physical contact with anything that can pose danger or destruction, especially the mirrors, storage metal rack and the middle pole.

  • All types of harrassment and bullying including verbal (e.g. belittling, swearing, criticizing, discriminating, hurtful speech, hate crime...) and physical (e.g. punching, kicking, fighting, spitting, elbowing, pushing, teasing, touching without consent...) harrassments are prohibited in the studio.

  • We DO NOT tolerate any kind of discriminations associated with but not limited to age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability, family status and religion.

Covid Protocol

  • Parents must help their child to perform an online self screening test prior to attending the class. If the result shows that your child is NOT ELIGIBLE to come to school, you MUST stay home and take rest. (However, no credits nor refunds will be issued - please refer to the refund policy above) 

  • If you have any of the following symptoms, please stay home and DO NOT come to camp: Severe difficulty breathing, severe chest pain, feeling confused or unsure of where you are, losing consciousness, fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, decrease or loss of taste or smell, muscle aches or joint pain, extreme tiredness, sore throat, runny or stuffy congested nose, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, pink eye. All students must check their temperature and make sure their temperature remains under 38 degrees during the camp. If a student becomes ill, show signs of COVID symptoms or their temperature rises to 38 and above degree Celsius, NDA will contact the parents right away to arrange sending the child home immediately.

  • For your own safety, we highly recommend that the student wear a mask during class

COVID-19 Online screening tool:

**Any violation of the policies above may be subject to termination of the student's enrolment immediately without any reimbursement or refund of tuition nor credits.

Studio Policy
(all students and parents must abide to the policies)

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