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Want to use drama to improve a kid's confidence and speaking ability?  

Check out our professional acting program now!

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2023 Summer Camp is now open for registration! 

Location: Marham, Ontario

Dates: July camp OR August camp (full day camp)



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Class features

Similar to the Acting Conservatory programs in Canada, all of our classes are limited to only 8 students.

We want to make sure every kid gets plenty of opportunity to speak and act in each class, so that they can improve in their speaking and performance skills. 

No one is left behind


All of our courses rehearse a play over the span of 20 weeks. They are trained on public speaking, body language and acting during the rehearsals. On top of that, we assign weekly video assignment which are based on 3 principles above. Successful students will receive a certificate of (completion/merit/distinction) at the end of the course.



Feedback is the most important step in learning. In NDA, you can be sure that students and parents will receive individual feedbacks on their acting, voice and movement experience.

Every course at NDA is guaranteed to provide students a weekly update on their growth. Students and parents will receive specific advices on how to get rid of a bad habit or to improve on a performance technique.

Direct communication

Individual feedback

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Class Schedule
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Not your regular just for fun theatre school... we have a training system.

Nelvin Drama Academy is a diverse kids drama school that uses drama and performance to train young kids their social competencies as well as performance skills in speaking, movement as well as acting.


We provide drama education specifically to new immigrants and kids who live and identify themselves in the marginalized community by giving them a chance to perform. Living in a foreign country and speaking a different language is often unnatural and could hugely affect a kid's self-esteem. Therefore, we use drama to help them develop positive self-esteem and to become a more confident person.

We believe that drama is a necessary stepping stone to a child's growing success while they come to term with themselves in their early development. Through understanding different lives that different characters live as well as re-enacting imaginary conversations , children (as actors) develop an open-mind where they start to see the world in different perspectives.

Besides social skills, drama is also a great tool to improve a  kid's emotional quality (EQ) development. As kids collaborate in role-playing and drama activities with other kids, they learn how to control their emotions and behaviors and also to pick up social cues . Many of our students become a more confident and accepting person after encountering drama training.

Knowing how to perform on stage will help them to perform well in life.

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" is the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being.” ― Oscar Wilde

Every child must take drama, it is a stepping stone to a child's success. Drama is in itself a necessity to a child's personal growth. As drama is filled with imaginations and creativities, children are constantly exposed to new social environments to which they have to find their own ways to adapt. It is through these challenges, kids who learn drama will develop skills in communication, creative thinking, public speaking, socializing and leadership. 

Knowing how to perform on stage will help them how to perform well in life.

Nelvin Drama Academy kids drama online acting teacher


Director at Nelvin Drama Academy

Nelvin Law is a Chinese-Hong Kong born actor, he has graduated with a double-major honor degree at York University in Acting Conservatory as well as French Studies. Currently, he is a certified OCT (Ontario Certified Teacher) holding a Master of Teaching degree in French and Drama education at University of Toronto. He has trained with many well known Toronto theatre directors such as Nina-Lee Aquino (Factory Theatre) and Eva Barrie (Shakespeare in the Ruff). Besides theatre experiences, he is currently a traffic and weather reporter at Fairchild Radio Group AM1430. Last year, he has made appearance on Cogeco TV with an Improv Troop called HaHa Halton and received recognitions. 
In respects to teaching performance arts, he has taught public speaking and acting to young children and teenagers. His engaging and passionate personality has won him trusts from parents and students.



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Unit 5, 90 Esna Park Drive, Markham

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Nelvin Drama Academy kids drama online class parents review toronto

Belle, Renee's Mother

I'm glad that my daughter has chosen the right teacher to take drama classes, Renee shows more confidence and I can see that she is a more open person now. She says it makes her happy.

Nelvin Drama Academy kids drama class online parents review toronto

Yuki, Ruby's Mother

Every time Ruby has a drama class online, all I hear from her room is laughter and joy. Ruby is very happy in Nelvin's class. She can't stop talking about your class afterward. She even made her own props and costumes for the Final Performance. Thank you Nelvin for your great teaching!

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