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Beginner Public Speaking (ages 6 to 9.5)

What is Beginner Public Speaking?

In Beginner Public speaking, students learn how to be a confident speaker through organized speeches. During practices, students will be taught techniques to build confidence and how to properly use their voice to project their speech. Moreover, kids will learn how to use their body language (especially hand gestures) to create effective presentation. At the end of the course, they will present their learnings in the format of a debate.

What specific skills is my child going to learn?

Developed by professional actors and drama educators, our beginner public speaking course is 20-week long, once a week, 75 minute per class.

Students will engage in a series of exercises and coaching sessions where they will be evaluated in 3 formative assessments with incremental difficulties. The purpose of the formative assessments is to provide the students and parents feedback on the kid's learning progress so that they can improve on their weakness over the span of 5 months.

At the end of the course, they will engage in a meaning debate in front of an invited audience.

Here are some examples of the public speaking techniques covered in the course:

  • Interactional Model of communication

  • Entertainment speech

  • Informative speech

  • Chronological organizational style

  • Vocal delivery

  • Effective listening 

  • Understanding the role of the speaker

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