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Speech/accent coaching

What is speech/accent coaching?

Speech/accenting coaching is for actors, ELL (English Language Learner) students, immigrants and anyone working professions who struggle to speak proper English to modify their accent with a professional speech coach. By using IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet), the speech coach will be able to identify the specific sound changes of the student's speech and modify their vowels and consonants sound by sound. Accent coaching can also help actors learn to speak in different dialects by changing a set of sounds in that accent. (e.g.  /z/ instead of /θ/ in a Japanese accent, or /wƆ/ instead of /Ɔ/ in a New York accent.

Speech coaching for non-native English speakers

In Canada, there exists a speech discrimination against people who don't "sound" like a native speaker or people who "have an accent". Often times, these ESL (English as Second Language) speakers are often perceived as not as competent at work and at school based on their foreign accent. As much as Canada is a multi-cultural country, we may ask ourselves in situation of a job interview or any social events, is it truly color-blind? And are people with an accent treated equally? 

The answer is no.

1 on 1 speech coaching

Our 1 on 1 speech coaching session aims to help students with a foreign accent to modify their ways of speaking so that they can sound more local by speaking "proper English". We use the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) as a tool to modify each sound made with the tongue, mouth cavity, throat, glottal, lips and different jaw positions. This is also very helpful for kids who have a speech impediment so that their speech can be corrected in the early development stage before the kid gets older that their speech will be much harder to change.

Here are some of the topics we cover:

  • ​Lip rounding (e.g. /w/, /o/ and /y/)

  • Liaison (fluency of speech)

  • Rolling R /ɹ /

  • Bi-labial sounds (e.g. /b/,/m/, /p/)

  • 2 types of L (e.g. dark and light)

  • Silent T vs True T

  • Voiced vs unvoiced consonants

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Accent coaching for actors

Are you an aspiring actors who want to speak many different accents and dialects? Our accent coach works 1 on 1 with an actor to modify their new accent challenge by using IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet).  

What is IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet)?

IPA, also known as International Phonetic Alphabet is an archive of distinctive sounds in all languages around the world all in one single chart. All the sounds sounds in IPA are unique and be used in combinations to create any words in any languages! For example the word "car" is /kaɹ/, the French word "amour" is /amuR/ and the Chinese word for car "" is /tʃə/

Because of the universality of IPA, actors can easily pick up a new accent by changing certain vowels and consonants that are unique to the specific dialect. 

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Accent coaching for actors
What is IPA?
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