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Introductory Drama

Set your mind free now!

Ages 4 - 6.5


This is a course designed only for young children ages 4 - 6.5 who are still gaining life experiences as they grow. Because of the young age of the students, this course is taught with fun games and drama activities, and we use "story drama" (story-based drama instructional technique) to encourage young kids to engage in role playing, speaking, interactions and more.

Who is it for?
Just For Kids (ages 4 - 6.5)


Drama is all about speaking and presenting ideas in public. In our introductory drama classes, your children will be speaking for the whole class in games, role playing and group activities. Our job is to make sure the kids speak as much as possible in a class. 

Active speaking is the only way a kid can develop confidence and courage in public.

These are some of the drama skills covered in the introductory drama course:

  • Collective movement/speaking

  • Animal voice/body

  • Vocal projection

  • Spatial awareness

  • Improv

  • Miming

  • Body rhythm

  • Emotional work

Besides drama skills, we also nurture students' social skills through drama, here are our expectations for the social skills:

  • Confidence

  • Responsibility/Accountability

  • Organization

  • Independence

  • Collaboration

  • Initiative

  • Self-driven learning

What do the kids learn?
Drama skills as well as social skills

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