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Public Speaking programs

Why is Public Speaking important?

Public speaking is the teaching of communication. Whether it be interview, socializing, public presentations, phone calls or other circumstances of communication, acquiring skills in public speaking can help a child in building confidence in their interpersonal skills. Through public speaking, we want to teach your child how to captivate their audience with powerful and dynamic speeches.


Beginner Public Speaking

ages 7 to 9.5

This level serves as a foundation in public speaking. Students practice the role of an effective speaker through a series of organizational strategies. At the end of the course, students will able to speak confidently.

Intermediate Public Speaking

ages 10 - 15

This level challenges students use critical thinking strategies to create speeches that matter to the society. From researching a topic to debating in public, students learn choose which style of speech to use and practice becoming an active speaker.


Advanced Public Speaking

ages 15 and above

This is a level that prepares our experienced public speaker for real life application. Places such as a job interview, meetings, socializing events and so on, students will learn how to socialize and speak ethically with proper manner. By the end of this level, students will become a captivating speaker.

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