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1 on 1 coaching

Audition coaching

Do you or your kid have a big audition (drama, dancing or singing) coming up and have no idea how to prepare it? Or, you are an emerging actor and you want to book your first commercial on TV? You are in the right place.


We provide 1 on 1 private training for student who are preparing for a TV audition or art school interview (e.g. Claude Watson audition). Through 1 on 1 training, our teacher will be able to identify the weaknesses in the student's performance and provide effective feedback on the spot to strengthen the performance level. All of our teachers here are professional TV/Theatre actors or Master drama teachers who have experience being in many different types of auditions.


Every audition is unique, that is why we also teach audition technique so that you know how to walk into the audition room confidently and know exactly what to do to be successful.  

Here are some examples of the techniques we cover:

  • Audition Technique (e.g. self-introduction, audition etiquette, self-tape training, etc.)

  • Script analysis

  • Dance training (e.g. rhythm, coordination, facial expression, physical emotion, etc.)

  • Drama/acting training (e.g. eye contact, emotions,  character development, speaking technique, etc.)

  • Speech coaching (e.g. accent coaching, fluency, enunciation, IPA speech training, etc.)

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Speech coaching


Are you or you have a kid who has a speech problem (poor articulation, not clear, not fluent in English)? Or are you looking to modify your non-native accent so that you can sound more like a "native English speak"?


We can help! 

Click here to learn more about our speech/accent coaching.

Accent coaching for actors
What is IPA?
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